It’s all happening!

College has started again (my Bachelor degree in Visual Arts and Design), the Cert 3 in Microbusiness Operations has started, and everything is moving fast. I’m a week into being off a med I’ve been on for over ten years and so far my head is still attached which is a good sign.

The People Painting business is coming along in leaps and bounds. I’ve started a blog on that website where I’ll now be posting my pictures and information about upcoming events. Check it out at The training on one-stroke techniques was really interesting and I’ll be posting pictures about that soon there too.

The microbusiness cert is interesting and relevant and starts painfully early in the morning which is killing my sleep routines. Nonetheless, very much worth it and thrilling to access it free on the Skills for All scheme.

College is jaw droppingly awesome and my little heart is singing to be back again. I hit major issues with the timetable and wound up shifting a class and dropping one class. I just can’t pull off three classes and the microbusiness at the same time. As it is, tomorrow I will start study at 9:30am with the Microbusiness course, work through to 4:30pm, run off to college to start my Digital Media class at 5pm, and finish up for the day at 8:30pm. So I’m going to be moving very slowly and being very careful with my sleep and energy this week.

The classes I’m taking are Digital Media and Art History. Digital Media is tempting me tremendously as a possible major, the opportunities to play and create are awesome! I’m in love with it all. I also adore handing in a journal that is actually a Tumblr account… go and join me there at sarahsdigimedia if you’re interested.

I’ve also been working hard on new resources for the DI… and the new website is starting to look smart. Have a look at This year one of my major goals is turning Bridges into a day/evening group on alternating weeks – we have a number of people keen to participate in the group who have found that working 9-5 excludes them. We are in talks at the moment and things are looking very promising to be able to make this change very soon!

Stay tuned! 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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