I can’t come to the blog right now

Because I’m a switchy, achy, semi hysterical mess, except for the random moments when I’m fine. Like say, when I’m at a counselors. My universe is gently reversing over my head like a garbage truck and an unfortunately placed letter box. Today, I had an argument about gay rights, called my vet in tears because I don’t know what to do about Zoe, and washed all the bank up of dishes from being sick. My base line stress levels are too high, I’m too phobic of the Arts library to do my homework, I’ve hated and been miserable in my house all week until I moved a lamp tonight and it suddenly seems like quite a nice place to live, (Wtf?) self loathing is through the roof, and I bought a second hand couch at the salvos. I’m confused and pissed off and my to do list seems to grow by the hour. Be back here later. x

I appreciate hearing from you

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