Final gif projects

Yesterday was messy and many things went wrong, but I did just finish a whole set of projects that were due. I have learned a lot about photoshop which has been frustrating as all hell but also really interesting and probably useful! Our project required we make 2 gifs, one using memes and art appropriation, created on a smartphone or online gif generator. You can view it here, or have a look at my tumbr to see the works and ideas in development:

My second one had to be a self portrait using text, created in Photoshop. This was a much steeper learning curve for me. I abandoned one project part way through because it was driving me crazy and looked like crap. The second one I worked out a lot of faster ways to do things and I’m very happy with it. 🙂

Now I’m exhausted and off to bed.

I appreciate hearing from you

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