Christening Cake

This Sunday morning the adorable Sophie is going to be Christened… and I am going to be a godparent! I am SO excited, I’ve waited my whole life to be godmum to someone… so there is celebratory cake. 🙂

Yesterday I made a very indulgent chocolate mudcake, which turned out to take about 3 1/2 hours to cook in the oven! I was also thrown by my total un-preparedness for the Easter long weekend and all the shops being closed. The store I found open didn’t stock the fondant I wanted to ice the cake with. I thought about buttercream (too messy to do in advance), ganash (ditto), and the marzipan there (nasty colour and sticky), and decided to ice the cake today instead when the shops opened again and I could buy fondant. The cake rose more than I expected and overflowed my tin, so this morning I decided to cut it into a rounded shape and allow the little dip in the middle to be a nest for my rose buds.

This is where things started this morning:

Then purple fondant icing:

Next, I decided to make marzipan roses but both shops I visited today stocked fondant but were out of marzipan… go figure! So I found a recipe for modelling chocolate and decided on white chocolate roses with red glitter instead… It was a real pain to work with and crippled the hands to knead soft enough to use. Fortunately Rose chipped in and helped out with the rose buds:

Lastly, royal icing swirls…

And we have a lovely colourful Christening cake 🙂

So I’m considering that a day well spent, and now Rose and I are off to have a picnic dinner somewhere we can see the city lights in the car. 🙂

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