Beach Trips

The one night a week down the beach plan has been working well, not just for Zoe but for myself also. The other night, Zoe, Rose and I met down by a beach by Roses’ home and went for a long walk in the evening, talking about our lives. We checked the beach carefully for dead fish (there’s been some dead fish washing up on beaches here lately, which in the case of the puffer fish can be very dangerous) then let Zoe run. At one point we found a nice flat rock to sit on and had hot chai latte from my new thermos.

We also trialed something very exciting – taking Zoe to visit at Rose’s home. Zoe has been too wild to try this with until now, but she was great! She sniffed around a bit:
(Pictured here wearing her swanky new red and black front-leading harness that we love) …and then settled down to sleep on a blanket in one corner of the room. Wow.

I think we are ready to get into crate training! In fact, I think she’s taken to having her own bed within sight of wherever I’m sleeping so well that we don’t really need a crate, more just a visual barrier… I’m looking into dog pens on eBay rather than the crates as you can still pat the dog, easily place in treats and toys etc… on the other hand she may just decide to leap out if the temptation – like a cat in the room – is just too great for her. Don’t know, still thinking. I do love the idea of having her with me on cold mornings at markets, sitting on her bed in her pen where kids can pat her if they want to, instead of crated away…

She is doing incredibly well, walking her is becoming a joy that I look forward to. 🙂 She is walking with a loose lead for almost the entire length of 20 – 30 minute walks! I took her out after the Microbusiness Operations class finished (last class, hurrah!!) and before running off to a delicious dinner with Rose, my friend, and goddaughter Sophie. I realised then that she is actually quite unsocialised around strangers as she shied anxiously away from people getting too close. I’ve walked her mainly after dark in the evenings and she’s clearly lacking some exposure to normal daytime activities on the street. So we’re going to rectify that over the next few weeks. I’m really looking forward to dog school again on Saturday. 🙂

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