Marketing, promotions, and online chaos…

I’ve been busy this weekend working on a new order of materials for my People Painting business. I’ve finished the Cert 3 in Microbusiness Operations, but in a month or so all the graduating students will be giving presentations about our businesses. There’s a few more materials I’d love to have ready by then to show and tell. One of them is a T-Shirt that I can wear while painting at events, with my name and logo and contact details on it. My facebook friends have been invaluable in providing feedback on many drafts as I’ve worked on this. Of course, providing contact details only works if they’re concise, up to date, and unlikely to change.

Which brings me to the online chaos… I have a number of different life/business areas that need an online presence, and this blog is no longer a good venue to host all of them. However, I’m also unhappy with very long urls such as going on postcards and T-Shirts. So I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research and finally today I’ve set things up so that I have two sites mapped to their own domains. My facepainting site is now located at, and I’ve created a hub for all my online activities at, which is small and tidy to fit onto a business card. Eventually, that hub site will also link to an online portfolio of my art work, and a separate website for my mental health consultant work. Well, that’s the plan anyway!

Today I’ve just ordered a new set of business cards, a new set of People Painting postcards, 2 T-Shirts (one for me and one for Rose), and a magnet for the door of my car. Here’s some pretty pictures of the final designs I’m hoping to have here in a fortnight. 🙂 (the watermarks are only on the photos, not the actual designs)

The biggest call I had to make was about putting a business number on things – I’m phone phobic when stressed at the best of times, and also worried about dealing with stressful calls through my mental health work or this blog. I find it much easier to manage emails than calls in that respect. However, I’m aware that a business number is a basic requirement so I’m going to test it out and see how it works. Hopefully I find it all manageable.

I appreciate hearing from you

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