Sarsaparilla’s spot

Sarsaparilla is adapting to life as a indoor cat. He is terribly cuddly and affectionate, which is making my heart sing. He now often sleeps on my bed at night and on my lap during the day if I’m home. There have been some teething issues, he’s determined, for example, that he should be able to sit on the windowsill above the kitchen sink to catch the evening sun. I’m determined that cats don’t belong on kitchen benches. After 1 glass of milk spilled onto the bed from the bedside table, 1 incident of peeing in the bed (by the cat, not myself), and a total of 7 glasses knocked off the windowsill and broken this week, I’ve capitulated. That spot on the window sill over the kitchen sink is his spot, and I’m moving the remaining glasses elsewhere. Apart from that, he’s gorgeous, and the new situation is a lot safer.

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