Face painting class

I was so tired today, anxious and depressed and struggling. I slept in with the aid of some Phenergan, took the afternoon quietly and then tried to knock some of the scarier items off my to do list before a face painting class this evening. Some things – like pet food, are urgent, if you do feel like crap. My baseline stress levels are high and I found myself having an anxiety attack in the supermarket, and spending over $100 on renewing my post office box so that my painful neighbour can’t steal my mail. 😦

So I was almost ready to give up on the class. It’s an hours drive away and I was worried about how sick and stressed I was feeling. Rose encouraged me to keep it and talked to me on the phone about her day on the drive up (using handsfree) to keep me company. I’m so glad I went. I learned so much! Not just the flowers we were being taught, but asking questions about other techniques that had confused me and so on. I also got a lot of encouragement for my business, which is wonderful because I’d had a few disappointing phone calls lately and my confidence has been low. You can check out my wonderful flowers over at my website www.sarahkreece.com.au here’s a sneak peak:
I also managed to get out of the store without lightening my purse too badly, which is a minor miracle. But I did bring home some little treats for my kit, and I’m relieved to be feeling so excited about painting again. It was a big boost to master the new designs quickly and get a thumbs up about my business practices from someone much more experienced in the industry.

After the couple of days I’ve had, it feels like someone has lifted a huge boulder off me, my heart is much lighter and even chirping into song.

I appreciate hearing from you

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