Tearing out the lawn

Yesterday I spent some time in my front garden, which hasn’t happened in ages. I hate spending time out there when my neighbours are being horrible, but they’ve been keeping to themselves lately which I’ve very much appreciated! So, I bought a few plants from the Diggers Club recently and decided I had enough health/energy/strength to dig them in.

 I’m slowly digging out my lawn and replacing it with a garden bed full of herbs, roses, and other useful plants. Bottom left is my rosemary, clockwise at 9pm is a perpetual basil bush that almost died off in the pot, 11pm has a thriving pomegranate plant, 1am is a tiny sage replacing the potted one I killed, and 3am is a new lemongrass.

 Half my roses are already dug in. I’m going to dig in all the rest of my pots except for my citrus over the few weeks (I hope). The citrus I’ll up pot to much bigger pots and put on a dripper system. I tend to kill plants in hot weather as I’m also too sick to look after them. I enjoyed it. I’ve decided to dig out the garden and work on it despite thoughts of moving away sometime. Gardening isn’t a destination it’s a journey for me. I love the process as much as the result, and its good for my health, physical and emotional. If I move, I’ll save up for all these plants again and put them in at the new place. In the meantime I get to do something I love and the plants thrive instead of struggle in pots. I’m happy with this call. The plan is to dig in everything, dig out the lawn, cardboard the whole sheebang, and mulch the lot. It will be beautiful, low maintenance, and much more useful!

I also made soup from this awesome pumpkin a friend grew by accident and gave to me. Now I have roast pumpkin and chickpea soup, and ham and pea soup in my fridge for this week. Wow, I feel organised. I’m also starting to make plans to rearrange every room in my house (in small parts, and with some help), to ‘move in again’ as it were and start afresh with this place. I feel a lot better about it. Except for all the joint and muscle pain today anyway. I’ve just got out of bed at 4.30pm and damn does it hurt! Totally worth it!

I appreciate hearing from you

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