Double dose of misery

Rose and I have both been sick. My 6 weeks of sinus infection has settled in to chronic pain and inflammation in my face and jaw. Rose is prone to rapid, devastating ear infections of the kind that wind up with her writhing in agony in hospital. So it’s been a fun weekend. Both of us sick at the same time is bloody difficult! There’s been vomiting, screaming, crying, drug allergies, hospitals, sleeping, giving all our money to the chemist, trying to get blood out of clothes (accident with the jelco), eating dinner in pjs in the carpark of fast food joints, enough pain killers to make you rattle, and just for fun, some messy trauma reactions in the middle of the night.

Rose is on the improve thankfully, I am still very sore particularly with the jaw pain, which I suspect may be separate from the sinusitis and possibly my tmjoint in my jaw playing up as well. Oh joy!

I am not in too bad spirits at the moment, I’ve watched a lot of movies, killed orcs in my new favourite computer game Orcs Must Die 2, read some really awesome library books, and napped a lot. Sarsaparilla has had a lovely time snoozing on my bed and cuddling up to my little teddy bear, Joe.

Bless ‘im. 🙂

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