Gemstones, glitter, and more fun than my carpet can really handle…

New face/body painting supplies! Today was awesome, I painted at a friend’s birthday party then went and bought new supplies. My house is currently covered in glitter. COVERED. I have new glitter. I have gorgeous gems to stick on with skin safe glue. I have little googly eyes in different sizes for different critters. I have some new lovely paint colours such as lilac. Did I mention the glitter?

I’ve put a stripe of clear nail polish around the lids on the glitter and dredged them in the relevant colour to make it easier to pick out the right colour quickly. I am feeling super pleased with myself. In the background you can see my new paints:
Here are my new stick on thingamys safely displayed in little screw top containers and my hand I’ve been practicing on. 
I also found some awesome chalk markers at my local art shop. No more box of broken chalk at events! They are fantastic, I love them!
Whoop whoop!
And just in case you’ve been missing out on the fun at my People Painting facebook page… here’s a taste of some of my latest work:

I appreciate hearing from you

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