UV Paints under black light!

Whoooooooo! I just went and bought a desk lamp and a UV bulb… this is the painting I did earlier shown under black light!

Even the ‘pale pastel’ painting lights up!

 Standard white does not, but you can see the blue dots among the flowers catching the light.

 Here it is; my new black light desk lamp for painting at parties! I’m so excited!!

There’s a real risk with a small business like this one, of funneling all your profits into more and more products and gismos, so I’ve been very restrained and only allowed myself standard bright paints and the metallic/pearls… Then I upgraded my brushes to quality ones. Then bought a new kit to put everything in as the old cardboard file box was pretty hopeless. Then upgraded my paints to better quality ones… added only gold silver and crystal glitters… and just the rainbow one stroke and split cake… then the rainbow in pearl… then three more one strokes from workshops… you see the progression! I’ve now got 6 powder glitters and 4 gel glitters, (this is still the highly restrained expansion you understand!) skin safe glue, googly eyes, gemstones in a variety of colours and sizes from 4mm – 8 mm, and UV paints, ointment for glittery lips, stencils for special designs, personalised business Tshirts, a velvet dress for fairy parties, and my own picture booklets of photos of my custom designs. Lordy, lordy. But how WONDERFUL to be this excited about my work! 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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