Introducing Tonks

Rose and I have celebrated our 9 1/2 months together by getting a kitten. =) Meet Tonks! He’s going to live at my place. 

 He’s 8 weeks old, and kittenish. Playful, adventurous, gets through surprisingly small holes, and sleeps a lot. We’re using his cat carrier as a bed which he loves.

I am shattered today after an awesome night out celebrating a friends birthday. I expect to be worse the wear for a few days yet, but it was absolutely worth it! Today had been planned as ‘kitten day’ however, and fibro pain/hangover was not going to get in the way of that.

 This is his favourite toy mouse.

Sarsaparilla is less than impressed at the moment. The kitten has been contained in the lounge so Sars has the dining room, kitchen, laundry, studio and bedroom spaces just for him. Nevertheless he feels quite encroached upon so I’ve taken all the photos and books down from the top of the bookcases to give him a place in the lounge-room to sit and stare daggers at the interloper.

Zoe is mad with excitement and is taking a lot of energy. Rose and I are taking turns – one of us babysits the kitten, the other sits with Zoe. She is being kept in her pen with her bed and toys, and treated whenever she settles. The high pitched excited whining she’s been doing for most of the evening is not making a restful night’s sleep particularly likely. o.O Here’s hoping.

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