Back In The Saddle

Still alive, sorry about the radio silence. I got back on my feet just in time to hit the school holidays and I’ve been flat out painting at the local zoos. It’s been frustratingly quiet on the wet days but overall I’m happy. I’ve honed my skills, made some great contacts, painted lots of faces on the sunny days, fitted out my kit to offer glitter tattoos, given out lots of business cards, and uploaded loads of wonderful photos. Happy camper. 🙂 Also very happy to be having a much quieter week now as I’m seriously behind on the admin that’s banked up while I’ve been ill. There’s a lot! I’ve been working on some basic housework as well as essential business stuff which is time consuming but frankly, rather fun. (the business stuff, not the housework) I love my job!

I’ve made the call that with my health the way it has been this year and the demands of this business, I’ll leave the awesome Queer Women’s Support Worker job alone… which is sad. But also feels right. I think if I had to drop the face painting or the queer support job, in a few years time it’s the face painting that I’d be thinking of wistfully and regretting passing up on.

I’m making a lot of plans for the future which is wonderful. Hopes and dreams abound. I’m writing poetry again. I feel… full of life. Anxious too… dreams are scary. They make you take risks, and the thing about risks is that sometimes you fall.

But for now, there’s no falling. There’s hope and hard work and plans and new skills.

Writing at my favourite cafe after a counselling appointment yesterday.

I appreciate hearing from you

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