Minor floods and other news

Sarah K Reece - flooding the unit

This was my evening yesterday… It turns out my bathtub cannot be emptied in one fell swoop without water coming up through the shower drain. Due to the unusual sloping of floors in my unit, this water will pour out of the bathroom, through into the studio, into the bedroom, and then run under the bed against the far window. There was a lot of mopping and wet towels going on last night. On the plus side, my floors are clean!

I’m planning another trip to Broken Hill next week to spend some time outback with my sister and some of my favourite poets. I’m hoping to be well enough to share the driving, generally speaking time in nature is very good for my headspace. Rose won’t be able to come due to work, sadly. She’ll be looking after Zoe back home, in an act of devotion that deserves a lot of flowers!

In other news, I’m very excited to have received my order of gorgeous little gemstones in the post.
These are for use in my face and body painting. They are not the top quality swarovski crystals, but they are beautiful with an Aurora Borealis finish and affordable enough to use on children. (not under three, obviously)
Here they are in black, I love the peacock tones. 🙂 This is fire red:

I’m taking things gently today, washing a lot of clothes and wet towels, hoping to do some dishes before spending some time with friends this evening. I have a special effects makeup clad this weekend I’m really looking forward to.

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