Special FX Workshop

Today I went to a workshop on creating artificial injuries. We used latex and other products to create wounds, cuts, burns, and scars. I’d been at a fancy dress party that afternoon, so I turned up looking like this:


And did this to my hand:


I’ve learned some great techniques for kids undead or zombie parties too. I’ve been doing a few workshops lately so I need to spend some time practicing all the new techniques and memorising how all the products handle.

I’m starting to drive again after the difficult week. Still feel quite fragile emotionally and struggling with little lingering after affects such as a strong feeling of being watched when I’m alone, and a sense of disconnection from all my friends. It’s hard to know how much to stay with my usual routine, and how much to just bow out of life while I’m feeling so raw. It’s good to be able to look at the night sky and see nothing. To have the shadows go back to being empty.


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