Having lost myself I start to reach for those things that might be maps or guide, but gently so as not to tip the boat. I find my poets, people who’ve also grieved. Their words unlock my heart. Their words become my voice.

The moon lights a thousand candles upon the water

Douglas Stewart,  Rock Carving

It’s a nightful of ghosts, but then all nights are now.
It’s a long way on until dawn.

Ray Bradbury, Once the years were numerous and the funerals few

Where have you gone? The tide is over you,
The turn of midnight water’s over you,
As Time is over you

Kenneth Slessor, Five Bells

Oates in the pool of remembering.
And clambering out, like some water monster
Lumbering ahead through leaves and lanes and lovers –
Memories, memories, memories, faces like moons

Douglas Stewart, The Fire on the Snow

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