Yesterday I woke up to cancelled work gigs. I’d spent the early hours of that morning rejigging my art website – go and check it out, it’s very pretty – so losing work was particularly depressing. I dragged my bones of of bed feeling very discouraged and found a bunch of flowers and a sympathy card on my doorstep from friends. It turned my day around.

Rose was still awake after a night shift and feeling sleepless and rough, so I sat on an old couch in my front garden and read to her. This seems to work for both of us when we’re not able to sleep, particularly books that have a lyrical style of writing. I moved this old couch from my porch to a spot by my studio window. I’ve had some help with my garden lately and it looks a whole lot better than the over grown neglected mess it has been. My awful neighbour is very loud, she leaves her front door open and harasses me whenever I’m out the front. The studio window is a little further away and sheltered at least from sight. I can still hear her, she’s very loud, but if I play music as well its not so bad. I love being able to sit outdoors, it’s very grounding for me. I’ve been out there every day since I moved the couch. It’s good to sit there in the drizzle and my beautiful plants. Sarsaparilla loves it and comes and sits on my lap.

It turns out I picked up a whole lot more work today, teaching art classes, which I’m really excited about. I love workshops, they are interactive and supportive, encouraging people to learn and enjoy new skills. I’m very happy about it. I’ve been developing new glitter tattoo designs and experimenting with different colours patterns, which also brings me joy. Funny how such small things can make such a big difference to my outlook on life, feeling loved, feeling hope about my future.

In the evening I went and cuddled my goddaughter, who is going to turn 1 shortly. She is so beautiful, my hands itch to hold her when she’s in the room. I can’t wait to be a mother myself.

In the early hours I’ve been cleaning. I’ve had a hot bath, sat in my garden, read, keep company with my pets. I’m as ready as I can be for the funeral tomorrow. We’re ready.

I appreciate hearing from you

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