Overdosing on cute photos

Today I helped a friend paint walls, and then did grocery shopping and a lot of admin. Because I like you, I’m not going up talk about it. Instead, you’re getting photos of babies and kittens. You are lucky!


My gorgeous god daughter Sophie is nearly one now and had figured out how to crawl. Every week when I visit I feel closer to her. I love holding her and playing with her. I was a little worried at first that maybe is only bond to her as a tiny baby and detach as she grew older, but the reserve seems to be happening, I’m more comfortable and confident and in love each time I see her.


Given my own baby plans in blessed to be inheriting get outgrown clothes and belongings. This week I was given her delightful pea green carrier! I adore this. The rest of our baby stash is living in Rose’s shed, but the carrier came home to my place where I can admire it. Tonks decided to try it out for size. Provided no babies are allergic to cats I think we’re going to be okay 🙂 What we do about bouffy Zoe I really don’t know.


So there, don’t ever say I’m not good to you. 🙂

One thought on “Overdosing on cute photos

  1. Thanxs the photos of Sophie are great and as you said she does grow evermore beautiful.. p. s. tonks is pretty good aso


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