I haven’t written in ages, I’m so busy at work at the moment. Today is my weekend, my mid week off day that will still have errands and housework stuffed into it. But, that starts with delicious sleep, in a tangle of blankets and cats. Sarsaparilla went missing for over a week, after a big storm and I become very teary and convinced he must have died. Last night he turned back up home, crying at the door with his little scratchy mew, a bit thin but otherwise fine. He’s sleeping on my knee. Tonks is thrilled he’s back and shadows him everywhere. Rose stayed over last night and slipped out this morning to go and do housework at her place. I’m going to sleep until my doctors appointment this afternoon.

Zoe has taken to her new dog crate like a duck to water and sleeps happily in it every night and during dinner. Tonks is almost due to be desexed. Zoe has only eaten one shoe lately. My little family is going well. I’m enjoying living in my home a whole lot more since I came to the realisation that it wasn’t going to be permanent. I’m determined to enjoy the time I have here as much as I can before moves and life changes so me along somewhere else. It’s a beautiful place. I’m busy with face painting and workshops and trying to make sure I’m still getting enough sleep, some decent food and exercise (Rose and I are on a health kick at the memento and eating a whole lot of salads which I’m loving), and time to catch up with friends.

I appreciate hearing from you

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