Photos of Henna at the Blackwood Uniting Church Fair

I’m offering another form of body art now…

Sarah K Reece

In very exciting news, I am now offering henna to the public as part of my temporary body art collection! I recently created henna art for people at the Blackwood Uniting Church Fair to support the local community services work, which was very well received. I’m not the best henna artist around, if you’re looking for henna for your traditional Indian wedding, I’m happy to refer you! But for festivals and parties I can certainly deliver. I’ve been trained in henna application and I mix my own henna so I have a good understanding of safety and how it all works.

Unlike every other form of temporary body art I offer, henna cannot easily be removed before it naturally wears off over 1-3 weeks. This means you need to give a little more thought about what and where you choose to have your henna, particularly if school, work, or an…

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