Art at the beach

I’m frantically working, trying to catch up from being sick all week. Managed to pull off my gig yesterday painting for 5 hours at the beach, then put in another 6 hours of work on a poster for the Hearing Voices Congress. I’m tired and a bit frazzled and still not brilliantly well. Tomorrow is going to be hot and my car air conditioning isn’t fixed yet, so I’m looking at driving over with Rose tonight instead in the cool. I’m wired and hyped and not sleeping anyway, so as long as I get someone chilled and level headed out to drive (which means ice coffee and good music and boots) that should work. In the meantime I’m working on my talk and packing and fixing up the DI website. So here, have some photos of art. 🙂

Sarah K Reece

Today I was offering free at at Henley Beach, provided by the Dept of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure who were asking people’s thoughts about some new ideas for trams and bike lanes and the such. It was a stunning day, sunny but not hot, water flat, blue, and perfect. My office was under sails directly looking out on the ocean. Days like today I’m the luckiest artist in the world. 🙂 On the downside I’m slightly sun burned, but it was worth it!

Here’s a couple of photos from today, I was offering face or arm paint, and glitter tattoos.





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