Logos & Art in Presentations & Brochures

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Handyman Logo & Marketing

Business Card Draft 5

Logo: The Undivided Heart

I developed this coloured pencil drawing for the multiple community, and also the same design in sterling silver as a pendant.

0158c-img006 69197-dscn7763 Watercolour logo cropped copyright

Sound Minds Logo: Hearing Voices group at Mifsa

Developed in consultation with the group members who chose the fern in sunlight, and the colours, to represent growth and recovery.

Hearing Voices

Logo for group The Gap: supporting same-sex attracted women aged 18 – 40

Logo for group The Gap

Developed in consultation with the group members, who chose this fabric painting by me as a start point:

Fabric Painting

Creativity Talk

A series of ink paintings created to illustrate a talk about using creativity to manage mental illness and other life challenges.


Introducing DID Talk and Brochure

These acrylic paintings were created to illustrate my very first presentation about Dissociative Identity Disorder, and the subsequent brochure I created.


About Dissociation Talk and Brochure

These ink paintings were created to illustrate talks where I am explaining what dissociation is and giving conceptual frameworks to understand it.

About Multiplicity

Consumer-Led Service Delivery Talk

This talk was developed in partnership with Ben Swift, Team Leader of the Education and Therapeutic Groups Program at Mifsa. We delivered it at the SA Mental Health Conference, and again to staff and clients at Birches locked ward at Glenside. This topic is a passion of mine. The illustrations are coloured pencil.

What does Recovery mean?

About Multiplicity Talk and Online Resource

This talk was developed to give an overview of a simpler and more inclusive framework for understanding the experience of ‘multiple personalities’. The ink painting illustrations form a key aspect of the presentation.

About Multiplicity

Healthy Multiplicity Poster

Presented at the World Hearing Voices Congress 2013, I created this poster using images from my Introducing Dissociation and Multiplicity talks.

Multiplicity poster

Peer Work: A Consumer Perspective Talk

Delivered at the FAHCSIA Peer Work Conference in Melbourne, I created a series of ink painting to illustrate my experiences in the mental health system before and after the introduction of the peer worker role.

Consumer Perspective

Artwork Purchased by the Bipolar Caregivers Association

Follow the link to see my artwork being used in their brochures and online.

Recovery: Rainbow Bird

Made from felt, this bright, happy birds represents qualities such as community and creativity, which have been key components of my own recovery. The tail feathers resemble the tears of grief and pain that are also part of this process.

Trauma Informed Care

Stress Vulnerability Coping Model Poster

I created this during a Cert IV in Mental Health Peer Work. Markers on Paper.

Stress Vulnerability Coping Model

Fantasti-cat: Art under duress

Unimpressed by yet another mandatory craft activity during the Mental Health Peer Work Cert IV, I was brutally honest about my assessment of my own strengths.

Peer Work course

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