Sleep deprivation & tattoos

I am very, very tired today. There’s been a lot of energy output lately and far too much kitten going on at 5 or 6 am, when Tonks inexplicably seems to feel lonely and demand attention…

On the plus side, I hung out with a friend at her awesome salon Rockabilly Body, and we talked about possible business collaborations which is really exciting. Then I trekked off to a mates party and offered hand painted temporary ink tattoos as a birthday present. And, you know, managed not to pass out. I think I may even have been friendly, but I couldn’t attest to that.

Here’s the big design chosen by the birthday girl:


These are very cool, I hand make the stencils based on the clients choice of design the night before the gig, then transfer the pattern onto the skin and hand paint the tattoo inks over that. They don’t stain the skin at all, just sit on the top of it, and can be completely removed with alcohol. If you care for them they’ll last usually 2-7 days. Rose gets about 15 hours out of hers, I get about 12 days. Different skin types very widely. They are time consuming but pretty darn awesome. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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