Temporary Ink Tattoos

Sarah K Reece

These are a beautiful form of temporary body art that I’ve been working on getting ready to be offered to the public as another option for parties or custom design work. The inks themselves are skin safe, a pigment suspended in alcohol that does not stain but sits on top of the skin. I apply these by hand with brushes. They last from 2 to 7 days usually, they’re waterproof so people can still shower or swim. What they don’t like is being exfoliated or rubbed a lot, or alcohol or oils. They come off very easily using things like alcohol hand sanitizer, or alcohol medi swabs, which is an advantage over some of the other forms of temporary art I offer such as glitter tattoos or henna if you do need to remove them for work or something else. 🙂

The aftercare instructions are therefore pretty simple – try…

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