Christmas Camping

I’ve had a fantastic couple of days. A lot of work over the past 10 years figuring out how to do things like give myself permission not to spend time at Christmas with people who really stress me out, even if that’s expected, and how to extend the same freedom even to people I’m really hoping to see, has really paid off for me. I had one of the most memorable Christmases since I was a kid. 🙂 Friends, family, games, good food, cuddles, surprises, and very little stress.

Today I’ve had heart to heart talks and icecream and watched The Hobbit in 3D and now I’m about to head off for a couple of days camping with my sister. Rose has decided the great beyond is not for her with her ankle still bunged up, so she’s going to spend a couple of days visiting her mates instead. I’m sad about that, but so excited too! Tonight I’ll be sleeping under the stars in the back of a van, cool wind blowing through my soul. I’m one lucky sod.

Much love to all of you, catch you in a few days. x

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