Graduated, and won an award!

A couple of bits of really good news have come in over the Christmas season and I have finally got a moment to share them. Firstly, I have finally graduated from the Cert 4 in Mental Health Peer Work! I have a certificate and everything. That was a very long 6 months, and an even longer wait to be able to graduate due to gastro making me miss out on three classes – which I had to wait until the course was offered again to be able to make up. So that’s that. It’s a bit appalling sad on the one hand that my highest qualification to date is a damn cert when various of my friends and colleagues have degrees or much higher, but I earned it, it’s mine, and it can’t be taken away from me. So there.

In other news, I found out that a short film I helped to write, film, and edit, called Regeneration was entered into the Picture This Film Festival in Canada. I loved making this film, it was my first time in a great little bootcamp and I learned a lot! I blogged about the process here. To my surprise, our film won an award! Regeneration was chosen as the winning film for a drama under 10 minutes, and will toured around Canada! I am thrilled! You can read more about the award and how that all works here on Mindshare.

Our 4 minute film is below, or if the link isn’t working for you, you can watch it over on vimeo here.

I would love to make more films like this. So many projects and passions, so little time!

5 thoughts on “Graduated, and won an award!

  1. Hi Sarah, congratulations on your achievements.

    May I ask through which school/institute did you do the Cert 4 in Mental Health? I am interested in doing a similar type of course.


    • Hello, the one I did was a collaboration between MIFSA, Baptist Care SA, and TAFE SA. I think you can find information about it via the Peer Work Project online or by calling Mifsa. 🙂 This is for the cert 4 in Mental Health Peer Work. For a cert 4 in mental health, give TAFE SA a try.


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