Wrist Poems

Wrist Poems are an art form I have been exploring since my youth. During school years I would write poems or draw images onto the skin of my wrists, arms, and breasts as a way of communicating, connecting with myself, owning my own skin, and protesting a highly censored and restricted environment. I have since come to love body painting, tattoos, henna, and other forms of skin based artwork. Wrist poems continue to be part of my art practice and my own self care.

I have struggles with self hate and self harm. I use wrist poems as an alternative to bloodletting. There are no images of real self harm or blood anywhere on this blog. These are part of my Ink not blood response to the impulse for pain and self destruction. The titles of each are links to more images or information about that Wrist Poem.

Blue Rose:


This is not my Hand:


Alone at 4am:

Alone at 4am

Looking for self compassion:


Body Painting Glove Project:

Body Painting

Wrist Poem – Nobody:

Nobody wrist poem

Wrist poem – Broken:

Wrist Poem - Broken 1

Sickness and Health:

Health & sickness 1

Ink not Blood city:


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