My day in photos :)

I got very little sleep between my fan shorting the safety switch, and my dog going mad about the thunderstorm. In a fragile state in the morning I wound up sharing my shower with a large huntsman spider who would not be shoed out. Half way though it got too wet to remain clinging to the wall, slid to the floor, and picked its way over to the door stop, which it climbed up upon like a bouy at sea, and clung to in a damp, huddled kind of way.

Then I went to work. It was a very quiet day. I watched the birds eating nachos.


I painted some people.






I opened the house up to start it cooling off. Tonks sat on the kitchen window sill and claimed the cat mug as hers.


I wrote my very first policy/procedure checklist for the DI Open Group on fb (about how to handle spam). It’s short and easy to follow and makes sense. I also updated the info page on the website to answer questions I find myself having to address a lot in the group. I was so excited at making sense of this, and having two new admins on board for the group, that I spent the evening bouncing with excitement despite all the sleep deprivation!

Friends came round for pizza and cards night. Due to slight heavy handedness with the cheese, the pizza’s were drowned. And delicious. I managed to stop myself making them all read my new policy and procedure and information page. Just.


In celebration of surviving the heatwave, and recognition of a week of being very sensible, responsible, having good fluid intake, and so on, Rose and I stayed up late playing Donkey Kong Country on the Wii. Yay! 🙂

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