Drawing & painting classes


I started at college again this week. This tackle box is my drawing tutors collection of supplies. Is it not a thing of beauty? 🙂 I find myself a little anxious about formal training, reluctant to lose my own style. But it was exciting, the smells, the easels, the simplicity of being told to put something in pallet and doing so – sometimes this simplicity escapes me. I made two drawings and one pair of paintings in the cool and warm primary colours. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve handled charcoal. I don’t think I’ve ever attempted to sketch a pot plant before.




Here’s a sample of some of the other students work. Love seeing all the different styles.


I’m happy to be back. It was a supreme effort of will not to immediately book into another two classes and double my workload. Which, in it’s own way, is a good sign. So, at least one day a week is now college day. I’ve had a pretty good week, very busy, lots of seeing people and talking about plans for the year. There’s a lot of things in the works and I’m still working out my priorities. It’s sounding promising that I may have enough support now to kick the DI back into gear and get a face to face support group off the ground again. I’m finding ways to go forwards and figure a path through all of this. I’m finding some support, which is very, very needed. And a lot of inspiration. Feeling hopeful.

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