Ink Painting – From the stars

I sat up late last night in my studio, painting with inks again.

I’m sad and tired and can’t seem to shake it. World weary and weighed down. I thought painting might help. All my images were of grief. It did and it didn’t. It didn’t and it did. I re-read Greylands by Isobel Carmody. I’ve looked for furniture for my studio at local second hand stores. I’ve discovered that the name we were going to use for it is already being used. I’ve looked up new names, none of which quite fit.

My basil plant is huge and fragrant and full of bees. My sage is dying, despite all love. Life is strange and sad and my heart is full of broken glass.

I’ve painted this dead woman and her howling dog, she’s hanging from the moon and stars, tangled in the dreams she was weaving.




4 thoughts on “Ink Painting – From the stars

  1. This ink painting really speaks to me. I have been having extremely tangles nightmares and at times to stay awake for the fear I having more nightmares I sit outside with my dog and just sob. She begins howling along with me … we are such a pitiful couple … With our grief being lost in the universe


  2. Words are but finite to experess my empathy to you, as I have been experiencing similar aspects of brokeness, along my pathway at present. I am grateful as my gardening position in my other field of my volunteering is one thing that keeps me going onwards. sending love to you.


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