Rose and I are in training all week, learning all about Dreadlocks. This is one of the new services we’ll be offering through our studio soon, so we’re currently reading, making, thinking, and even dreaming all things related to dreads. O.o It’s a little mind boggling.

We’re both in a twilight zone of sleep deprivation, decongestant meds, and lingering chest infections. The last day of training is Saturday, then we start the big house move. The studio has been built and needs painting and furnishing. I’m still behind on admin, which gets worse every day. And we have a new business with website, email, phone, signage, and marketing to sort out. Hitting the ground running. Sometimes just hitting it. Sometimes landing face first. It’s very much one hour at a time here.

But hopefully, we’re setting up something viable for us both to work in and make a living, that will fit our family and help us reach other goals like having children. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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