Charcoal & apples






Products of drawing and painting classes so far. I’m falling behind with everything else that’s going on, and going to miss this week’s class as my friend’s funeral is interstate that day. I have been enjoying them, getting as much out of them as I can. The assignments here were to create landscapes using only marks, no lines, no drawing shapes, just alluding to natural patterns. I enjoyed that. The painting we were asked to paint monochrome and then a single colour (with tonal variation) of whatever or object of obsession is that we’ve chosen for the term. Mine is an apple.

I was a little heartbroken by this class, I’d been having such a wonderful time exploring colour but was told to stop that and focus on concept development. I don’t want to do concept development, I want to learn about paint! We already had a concept development class, which I hated, and now it’s being snuck into all the other foundational classes, which is much less like Tafe and much more like uni. If I wanted uni I’d be there. My art college is so special to me because it doesn’t have so much of that conceptual rubbish but teaches skills with which I can make any art I wish. Or it did. Everything changes, and is such a pain doing so few subjects at a time because it happens all around you.

But I’m going, and making things and using the time to listen inside me to those things that make art easy and the ones that make art hard, learning all the time how to be open to it and how to hear it and make it happen.

2 thoughts on “Charcoal & apples

    • Good question. It seems to be about trying to get inexperienced artists to think outside the box when they’re looking for inspiration for art. So we’ll be given a topic and have to extensively and broadly research and journal about it before creating an artwork on that theme. I really, really hate it.


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