Baby dreams

2014-07-08 10.21.38-1It’s started… Rose and I are putting together a collection of baby things, despite not yet having a donor or everything else sorted out. I was having a cuppa and chatting to friends online this morning when a package arrived containing these gorgeous handmade clothes from Bongo Baby! Eeee! Tonks was also thrilled.

2014-07-08 10.22.51-1 2014-07-08 10.22.24-1

Rose and I have both been doing so much work lately on managing our work lives and keeping a house running and looking after each other that a really lovely shift has taken place. We feel like a family right now. It’s waking up to find that Rose has rinsed the tea dishes before work, it’s baking banana bread for lunches, it’s whizzing off for a picnic dinner on the beach with Zoe… Little treats and the effort to pull together household/s that runs smoothly where everyone has clean socks and the cats get fed… It feels really beautiful. We make a great team. I’m so tremendously in love. 🙂


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