Exercise for fibromyalgia

Brrr it’s cold in Adelaide at the moment! My fibro pain is pretty horrendous as a result. I’ve taken most of the school holidays off to finish all this overdue tax paperwork and it’s certainly lost whatever novelty value it may once have had. Being patient and having the occasional tantrum about the sheer tedium.

Still working on this mindfulness/anxiety awareness process, which is helpful instead of just drowning. I’m starting to gently get more exercise happening and noticing what it does for my mood and pain levels. I know that gentle movement does help with the pain, up to a point where it then creates new pain. Tuning in and noticing those points is what I’m currently concentrating on, so i can do the right amount to be helpful and not make it all worse. Movement gets your lymphatic system going which is pretty critical and can help a lot when pain is due to things like lactic acid build up in the muscles. But I don’t find that image motivating.

Instead I’m thinking of a cold engine trying to run with no oil yet heated and thin and lubricating the parts. It’s not biologically accurate but that’s how my knees feel and it seems to be working to encourage me to walk them around the block and get them lubed up again. I keep thinking about the importance of reconditioning a body like mine – lots of small bits of exercise, gently does it.

So today I’ve woken up, let Tonks back in the bedroom where she says hello like this:


From a distance of about 2 inches. Which is why she doesn’t sleep in the bedroom, because a cat trying to sleep on your face is a challenge to a peaceful night. I’m going to have breakfast, clean the kitchen, and walk Zoe to the Post Office before sitting down to another few hours of tax. Tonight I’ve got a gig I’m hugely looking forward to at The Mill Adelaide and then I’m taking the rest of the evening off and hopefully having fun with some friends. That feels like a pretty well balanced day to me. Good luck with yours!

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