Holding my childhood to ransom turns 3!

Wow, three years of blogging. I love it. Writing used to be private and solitary. I adore the interaction of a blog (admittedly, most of my interactions still happen over at facebook or via email, but it’s still awesome to get feedback, critiques, or opinions straight away for something I’ve written or shared). I follow a many other blogs and enjoy the sense of connection and sharing of information. I continue to try and make the leap from blog writing to book writing, but I struggle with the impulse to share my thoughts straight away, with the concern that someone somewhere might be looking for help, and with the change in format from posts to chapters… I think in blog posts now! It’s been a year now since I moved from blogger to wordpress and I’m still happy with that change. I still don’t make any money from my writing, which is a little sad considering how passionate I am about it, and how much time I devote it… and that it’s one of my few skills that doesn’t generate joint pain for me. I still haven’t figured out how to get google analytics to work on here so I’m only guessing about my site stats.

My top 5 most popular posts of all time are:

The most popular search terms that bring people to this blog are about psychosis, empathy, bulling, chronic illness, trauma, multiplicity, dissociation, feeling suicidal, and face painting. I have published 894 posts in 19 categories. As usual for me, it’s been a busy year. I saw Amanda Palmer in concert, then got onto twitter for the first time, talked to Amanda Palmer, and tweeted short poems. I grieved for two lovely friends, Amanda, and Leanne. I celebrated a year with my gorgeous girlfriend Rose. I wrestled with challenges facilitating various groups, delivered a talk at the World Hearing Voices Congress in Melbourne, discovered our cat Tonks is a she, not a he, navigated life and my relationships, and other people’s reactions, when you have chronic illnesses. I had rough nights and used ink on my skin. I had my second experience of psychosis. I graduated and won an award! I figured out to use routines to my advantage. I wrote a lot about triggers, love, dissociation, stigma, recovery, growing up, sexmindfulness, and crisis. I nailed down my philosophy of multiplicity in a nutshell. I set up my first art studio! I turned 31. I hung out with my goddaughter, Sophie, and shared a lot of art from my bachelor degree. We spent more time getting to know our trans guy parts. I was sick a lot, managed a lot of pain, and did a lot of system work. Rose and I moved into preconception care as we plan for children of our own. It’s been a pretty wild ride!

It all started with this post, on Aug 1st, 2011 – What am I up to at the moment? If you’d like a summary of the blog in development, check out my yearly updates on Holding my childhood to ransom turns One, and Two.

Thankyou to everyone who has visited, read, shared, commented, or emailed me. Your kindness, insights, and willingness to share are a blessing. I’m thrilled to have journeyed with you through the last three years. I hope you’ve learned as much as I have.

I’m not sure how long I’ll keep blogging for. I can see that book writing and blogging may not both fit in my life and I’m sad and unsure about that. On one level I love being here and being so open and I am anticipating sharing the joys and sadness of starting a family. But I’m not wedded to the idea either, it’s been a huge project and I may need my time and passion to go elsewhere. For now though, you’ll be hearing from me soon. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Holding my childhood to ransom turns 3!

  1. I absolutely love reading your blog. It is so helpful to me. I don’t know anyone in person who has DID and can relate, even a little bit, to what my life is like. So it’s been great finding your blog and reading as much of it as I can. I do hope you get your book written and published though, and can therefore reach and help a broader audience than what you have here even. How cool would that be?!!! Anyway, thanks for being open and sharing your experiences with others, it’s very brave and to be commended. I hope your surgery goes very well.


    • Whoot whoot! Oh man, I remember being in that place, before I knew other multiples, and it was sooo hard. I’m so pleased you find my blog helpful! You’re right, a book could reach a far wider audience… I currently print and post a few blog entries to people who don’t have internet access, and I know that sorting through hundreds of entries to find something specific can be a total headache… I’m hoping to figure out a book format and make it happen 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement, it’s really appreciated!


  2. Congratulations on the anniversary, and on growing your strength through such an intense year!
    Thanks for the anniversary blog post, too. I’ll be using this as a handy guide to some of the back-reading I want to do, as well as a guide if/when I make it to the one-year mark on my blog (about half-way there now!).
    I hope you keep blogging while you’re working on your book (even if it’s much more sporadically), but I’m sure you’ll make a smart, considered decision about that as you seem to do with so many other parts of your life that you generously share with your readers. 🙂


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