Surgery coming up

I have a date for my surgery now – this Wednesday. They didn’t give us very much notice so I’m scrambling to get everything organised. Yesterday, between my Cert 4 in small business class that morning, and my night class for the Visual Arts degree, I was at the RAH going through several hours of pre-op tests and appointments. It’s exhausting. I’m constantly sick with this sinus infection, my weeks are full of medical tests and specialists appointments, I’m falling behind on all my homework, and the short notice has forced me to let down customers and cancel long standing bookings for work. I hate it when my schedule falls apart like this. 😦 I can’t wait for it all to be over.

It’s not helped by various other things not working. My car isn’t running properly and I need to sell it. My phone is dying and needs replacing. My beloved Rose has her birthday and an anniversary of pregnancy loss this weekend. One of my test results didn’t come back quite normal and I’m now booked to see a gynaecologist after this surgery, with a possible exploratory surgery and biopsy on the cards. I can feel the rest of this year slipping away from me.

So I’m working hard to stay present. I’m asking for help with the things that are wiping me out into massive anxiety, like my car. I’m plodding through the most important admin on my better health days. I’m exploring options to reduce my workload. I’m spending an hour here and there crying hysterically on the couch when it all gets too much. I’m eating and drinking and remembering my meds and touching base with friends and enjoying my pets. I’m not as prepared as I’d like – usually I’d have a bunch of blended soups frozen for recovery, but nothing is going to fall apart either. I have some new movies I’m looking forward to watching, and lots of books to read. Rose is preparing to support us to keep our most hospital friendly part present. We’re talking through the anxiety and sense of helplessness that being a patient in the public system creates. I don’t even know who will be performing the surgery as the surgeon who ordered it will be away. But, curled up at night reading Harry Potter with Rose, or walking with Zoe in the golden sunshine, everything is okay. There are better times ahead, and there are still good times now. Riding it out.

4 thoughts on “Surgery coming up

  1. Oh no, why in the world would your government look to the US as an example of how to do health care? That is crazy! Especially if you have one of the best health care systems around. Such a total bummer for you all. 😦

    I got the first bill from my emergency room visit….it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be…..$3500 roughly…..that’s before they take money off for contracted pricing through our insurance company. I just feel really lucky to have insurance that is ok, meaning it pays 80% of most medical bills once we pay $800 out of pocket for each of us. So that bill will probably be easier to pay than I thought. Another good thing is that in the state I live in, as long as you offer to pay something monthly they cannot take you to court for the money you owe on medical bills if you do not have all of it at once. So we can make payments. As you can tell I’m feeling much more positive about it now. I think feeling better physically and knowing where the cost is starting at helps. 🙂

    Hope surgery goes well. Best of luck to you and all of yourselves while going through that process.


    • Oh who knows, I think being mad as a loon seems to be a prerequisite for running for government. 😦 There’s a huge amount of fuss here about it so hopefully none of the changes will go through and they’ll be out on their ear at the next election.
      Hurrah for bills that are not as bad as you fear! That’s still so much money for basic healthcare, but I’m really glad it won’t be as much of a burden as you feared. I know what you mean about being able to manage it better once you know what it actually is. I’ve been the same with my tax debt, not knowing is much worse than facing even a hard reality.
      Thanks very much, I’m settling into readiness for it all. Hope to be back blogging soon. 🙂


  2. How is the public health system in your country?

    I was just at the emergency room a week and a half ago for swollen glands in my neck and an odd formation of a hematoma under my tongue, which I thought wrongly was an infection of my salivary glands. I couldn’t chew or swallow at all by that time. I had been sick with pain when swallowing for 3 weeks before then. I wish I wouldn’t have had to go into the emergency room though because even with private insurance, my portion will cost a great deal. It was, however, the weekend here and there was no other option. I got decent care, they did a CT scan to see what was in my throat but all it showed were extremely swollen glands. The CT scan alone can cost upwards of $10,000 and one never knows the cost of these tests in the US until billed because all insurance companies have negotiated different prices for them. My personal Dr did more tests and decided I had some unknown virus that was causing the whole thing and I’m finally feeling better but not looking forward to getting or trying to pay off the bill.

    I’m always very interested in what other countries medical care policies/abilities/costs are. Healthcare is a mess in the US, even with the passing of the affordable care act.

    I hope your surgery goes very well and you feel immensely better after healing from it. I also wish you well in preparing for it. Take care.


    • We are incredibly fortunate here in OZ, our healthcare system is one of the best around. Hospital care is entirely free, and many doctors will bulk-bill (see for free) those of us on pensions or low incomes. It’s not perfect – we have the usual issues of long waiting lists, people like me being pushed into private healthcare with all the costs of that simply because we need long term care of a chronic condition, or care sooner than the public system can provide (long waits for urgent dental are a common problem for example). But it’s very rare for people here to face those terrible issues of being bankrupt by basic healthcare needs or not being able to afford getting a sick kid to a doctor. The quality of the healthcare itself is varied enormously, and that can be a big issue – but that’s also pretty universal. People get given lots of misinformation or bad advice/outdated treatments/inaccurate diagnoses, all the usual challenges.

      I’m so sorry to hear that you’ll wind up paying horrible bills! Our current govt here is looking to the US as an example and starting to break apart our current healthcare model, which scares most of us to death as we know how much suffering and burden people have to endure under the US model. 😦 I’m glad you’re feeling better at any rate, and I hope things do improve with the system as a whole 😦


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