It all comes together…

Tired but happy. Business building continues to go well. I’m a little obsessive, but that’s not the end of the world. My to do list is manageable. Pending a couple of questions to be answered by my accountant, I think I’ve finally finished all my tax paperwork for the past 7 years! This has been a mammoth project that has taken months of work. My filling cabinet is sorted. My computer files are well arranged. Business admin is current and easy. And it’s growing! I feel about 1,000 pounds lighter in spirit. It’s working, at last! I’m figuring it out and it’s becoming easy, even pleasurable.

I’m still terribly anxious about mixing my mental health work with the face painting and accidentally killing off my only current paid work due to stigma… I can’t tell if this is going to work or not until I try it. I’m ecstatic to be pulling my networks together, they are alive and safe and going to keep running… That makes my heart so happy. Hard at work at the moment, growing growing growing it all. Nearly ready to order the new business cards… Putting finishing touches on the first flyer… You can see the website here: hopefully looking bright and friendly and very child safe, which of course I am.

I’m so happy to see it all coming together. It’s really the culmination of years of work and volunteering. There have so many low points, failed ventures, terrible illness, phobias, and sheer hard work, but this part is just a pleasure. Maybe I’ve finally reached the point where I’ve learned enough and failed enough to pull this one off. I really, really hope so!

I appreciate hearing from you

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