Hills & valleys

It’s been a wild few days here. Rose and I ran away to Remark for the weekend to celebrate our two year anniversary. We had an awesome time, sleeping in a van, cooking on a BBQ by the river, swimming and reading and talking about the future and investigating second hand shops and eating something approaching our own body weight in delicious dried apricots. I don’t know why we find it so hard to get away at times, once we’re out there everything is awesome and we have a fantastic time. Everything is tinged with the rosy glow of hoping that we’ll come back sometime soon with our kid/s.

Home again was brutal, Rose has gastro. We did a long trek back across the state for a funeral, punctuated by emotional breakdowns and major stress. Last night was vomiting and broken sleep, today was major dizzy spells and exhaustion. I’m not feeling awesome, but I’m definitely the brighter member of this relationship at the moment, so I’m doing the driving.

Business building is still going well. Today I laminated an updated flip book of the services I offer, especially to have on my table during big public events. It’s looking really good. It all links up to my website, one page in the flip book is one page on my business website (in a very condensed form for the book, obviously). I think it looks excellent. I need to add a few more pages but it’s looking really professional and with the lamination it should survive all the handling my stuff gets with kids around at face painting gigs. Making progress, making progress…

With any luck the next few days hold some decent sleep and regaining equilibrium for us both.

I appreciate hearing from you

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