Off to surgery!

I’m off to hospital at 9am tomorrow morning, for several hours of surgery on my sinuses and removing what’s regrown of my tonsils. At least, that’s the story at the moment. Apparently some people are being cancelled even after waiting in the hospital in a gown and slippers for several hours, so I won’t really know it’s going ahead until I’m wheeled into theatre.

I’m nervous. We’ve got the best ‘coping in hospitals’ part around, ready. Anaesthetics scare us, always afraid one day we won’t wake up. Resisting the urge to write wills and try to have all Christmas presents prepared, just in case…

I’ve scheduled a few posts for the week here, so there’ll be content happening, but maybe not updates for a little while.

I keep remembering things I meant to do before hand. 😦 I have been feeling a bit better today, and I’ve been able to sweep, mop, clean the bathroom and toilet, and finish some hand made gifts. I started the day playing with Tonks in bed, this is her favourite toy, it’s a tiny turkey on a string. Rose often does this, and it’s a cool idea. Ever since doing some intense processing around attachment, things have improved and I’m connected to and enjoying the company of my pets at last. 🙂

2014-10-07 08.51.45-1There’s so much I want to do. Art projects are calling to me and the garden needs some fertiliser and I want to finish a business project and the essay that’s due next week… and I want to snuggle up in bed with Rose and talk about our family and tell her how much I love and admire her and how glad I am to be with her.

Hope I’m home again soon!



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