Oh dear lord, that was a hard week! 8 days post op and I’m still having trouble with the pain, but my headspace is markedly better. It’s been so demoralising to be so sick and in such pain. 😦 littered by all the ideas that haven’t worked, sometimes my future seems very bleak. I don’t want to live on support for the rest of my life but chronic illness just tramples everything I set up. So, I’m working on not failing my art classes at college, and I’ve been distracting myself by looking at pretty things on Etsy. It’s been inspiring. 🙂 I love sculpting my pendants and I’m really enjoying working in the smaller scale, which is good considering my studio space is very small at the moment.

I’ve also been lucky enough to arrange visitors every day, which has been really helpful, ditto actually getting out of the house here and there. Today I’m really excited about going to visit Sound Minds, the local hearing voices group. I haven’t seen them in ages and we set this date months ago. I’m bringing a very sad anime called The Children Who Chase Lost Voices to watch. They’re bringing ice cream. 🙂 I’m going to get through this!

I appreciate hearing from you

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