Sophie turns 2, with cake

Sophie, my gorgeous god daughter, has just turned 2. Rose arranged the gifts this year, and I decorated the cake. Rose put a great deal of thought into the collection of presents, and none was more appreciated than the mini trampoline she assembled from flat packed with only a few bruises and cursing before the big reveal. Sophie has christened it Bounce and it gets a good work out. She was extremely difficult to photograph! She’s reached that age where the only time she’s still is when she’s asleep. ๐Ÿ™‚



I somehow pulled off 9 hours of work in total yesterday over 2 busy gigs, between exhaustion and the post surgery pain I was in no for state to bake a cake like I’d arranged. So we did the next best thing, Rose arranged a mud cake from the local Cheesecake Factory, and bought me ingredients for an excellent crusting buttercream frosting, and I decorated it this morning. I’ve not done a lot of this kind of piping work, but Sophie’s Dad specifically requested buttercream as she really enjoys it, and I’m personally a huge fan of cakes with minimal fondant ie ones that actually taste good as well as look pretty. So I decided to pipe a bouquet onto the cake. Finished with her name and sprinkled with a little edible gold glitter, out turned out pretty special. ๐Ÿ™‚




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