Drawing class – maize

Rose and I are both sick with a tummy flu, and serious case of the doldrums. Siiiiiiiigh. I’m finding being sick so depressing it’s hard to breathe. I’ve had a bad headache for three days now. Or one month, it’s all blurring in together with sinus infections and surgery. I saw an ENT at the hospital the other day, he’s happy with the surgery and said everything is healing well. He also said I shouldn’t still be having facial pain and should see a neurologist. He was a bit of a dismissive ass, to tell the truth. Everytime I hear about how people with mental illnesses would be so much better off if they were treated the same as people with physical illnesses, I kind of want to laugh, in a hysterical, jaded, painful, coughing-up-a-little-blood kind of way…

I don’t really know what to do with that. I know I have issues with chronic tooth infections, and I’ve had basically two years of sinus infection near constantly. I also have issues with TMJD, pain caused by muscle tightness in the jaw. And I’m nearly four weeks out of surgery. At this point, I think it’s pretty reasonable that I’m still in some pain, and if the surgery healing isn’t causing it, likely one of the diagnoses I already have is. Despite a letter from the jaw specialist, and me reminding every single person I saw about this op, including the damn surgeon himself in the actual theatre, the request to scope my left check while I was under and check if there was infection or just scar tissue showing on my xrays was ignored. So I’m going to have to go all the way back to my dentist again and try to figure out if my root canal has gone bad and infection is eating my jaw, or if nothing is wrong and we leave it alone… Bastards.

In Drawing class, which I think I’m still just possibly attending often enough to maybe pass, we were instructed to make many multi media images of a single item. I chose a dried cob of maize.






This last one is my favourite. I love inks. (They’re painted on white gesso)

I appreciate hearing from you

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