Poem – For Rose: Oh my beloved

This is the poem we wrote for Rose to propose with. We read it to her before revealing her ring.

Oh my beloved
Will you come and make your home within my heart?
Let us be family with one another
In so many ways – lover, sister, friend
We are so many things unto each other
Come and make your home within my heart.
Come and build a home with me,
Come share a bed
Hold me when the dreams sing in my bones
And when the nightmares shake them.
Run away some nights when the wind is calling…
Don’t promise me your future, love
This is no cage or collar
Do not be mine, be yet your own
Let your wild places still be wild
Keep your secrets; let the night sing in your smile
Grow, and change, confuse me, frustrate me
Break my heart, and help me heal it
Walk with me in the wilds where there is no path
Let us be lost, together and apart,
Let us pick wisdom from our heels like thorns
When your night is empty, call my name.
Come and make your home within my heart
I’ll let you down, there are days you will feel homeless
I’m a little broken and sometimes the rain gets in
We will eat love like bread and some days still go hungry
We know love like children who have been hurt
We know grace like widows who hold hands over graves.
Come and make your home within my heart
We send a song out into the darkness
To call our children home, to adore them
For as long as we are blessed with heartbeats
And forever after.
Oh beloved,
Let me be at home within your heart
I know its a little broken, and the rain gets in
In your beauty, I rest my jaded soul
In your kindness I know peace
In you my joys are doubled and my sorrows halved.

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