We are safe from the SA Bushfires

There are catastrophic fire conditions here in SA at the moment. I just want to let you know that my home is nowhere near the danger zone. I’ve been up late watching things unfolding and reading to swing into action if I’m needed. A few of my friends and family are near danger and our home is open to them or their pets if needed. Huge grassroots community efforts are complementing the country fire service and emergency services work to keep people and animals safe. We’re lucky to have the net and communications networks we now have. I’ve been reading about awful situations where animals have died, and other amazing ones where whole boarding kennels have been evacuated safely. Over 100 fires have started in the past 24 hours, almost all have been contained but one massive one remains. So far houses have been lost, animals have died, and properties have burned but no human lives lost. Today brings severe storm winds and dry lightning so conditions are terrible. Smoke is blowing across the suburbs and city, causing troubles for those with respiratory issues.

We are safe, home, cool, waiting and watching to see where we might be needed.

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