On Cloud Nine


This was my attempt to record the most incredible sunset we had here last week. I’m having a fantastic day! I feel amazing. My tummy has the very tiniest swelling which Rose can see when I’m lying on my back. She’s taken to cupping it in her hand and singing to it. I’m eating mainly fruit and veggies which are sitting really well at the moment.

College is great! Pregnancy is great! Rose is wonderful! And my networks are coming together!!

I am meeting with people and having people reach out who want to get involved with the DI or HVNSA, want to share the load and mull the tricky questions and have a shared passion for people. I’m so excited I could burst! So humbled and fortunate to be meeting these people and gathering them together. Every time someone says something that I’ve been thinking, worrying about, or hoping for, my heart leaps that these are truly like minded people, diverse and different but with the kind of shared values that will make this possible. Our community is coming together and I believe we will be stronger for it. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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