Nesting, I guess



I have a lot things I should be doing. But I can’t face admin and people and my networks. So yesterday I looked out my kitchen window and decided today was the day to tackle the backyard. The grass is over grown, there are torn up plastic bottles everywhere (for Zoe to chew up and get the treats out of when we leave her home) and outdoor furniture that’s been dumped here since Rose moved in.

So, 5 bags of rubbish later, I’ve sorted the furniture, collected all the dead bottles and bones, and set up the fire tub again. We celebrated last night by lighting a small coming fire and making baked potatoes and smores. Today I’ve mowed the lawn and swept.

Zoe has graduated from the plastic bottles. She’s also no longer chewing washing from the line. We can inhabit the yard again, her treats are now bones, chicken necks or feet, or pigs feet, frozen to slow her down a little. She loves us sharing the yard with her.

The plan is to borrow a trailer, cover the grass with cardboard, and then cover that with a thick layer of mulch. No more mowing! Then we’ll plant out fruit trees and geraniums, if Zoe doesn’t uproot them or chew on them. We’re also going to move the shed away from the house so all the house windows look out into the yard, and save up for a cat run down the track.

But for now I’m happy, I have a lot of space back, room to have a birthday party, space to play with Zoe, and a place to hold the voice hearers camp fires again. Someday there’ll be play equipment and kids romping here, having adventures, getting muddy, climbing the trees.

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