Getting by with a little help


Grateful for friends on the other side of the world who send flowers.

Things are hard. We’re in crisis mode. Not much sleep is happening. I’m doing a lot of paperwork tracking down these debts. So far I’ve discovered we were billed for a bit over $400 we don’t owe, which is good news now that that’s been fixed, but there’s a kind of recurring error in which we’ve been over paid (not our fault) then had our rent increased and pay cut on the basis of this, then been asked to repay the over payment while the rent stays up and the pay stays cut. I’ve gone as far as I can with fixing this on phones and have to go and try to track down help in person next week.

Crisis mode means we had ice cream for dinner last night. It means we’re glad when we have good hours and we’re not surprised when they turn bad without warning. We make plans only a few hours ahead with any sense of certainty. We touch base every couple of hours, touch each other when in the same space frequently, fingers to fingers, hand to cheek. A hundred little ways of saying to each other – I’m still here, I love you, we’ll be okay.

We’re talking this weekend off and heading away from the city to hide out with a friend and our dog. I hope it helps, we sure could use a break. Friends being lovely are helping to keep us going.

I appreciate hearing from you

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