Oh boy.

I’ve just done all the laying out of what is due when… things were tight but manageable until I took on 2 face painting gigs. my talk on psychosis, and stuffed a quick trip to Melbourne for the amazing looking ISPS conference into next week. I’m also going to duck into the Careers Expo this weekend to talk to Torrens University people about the possibility of taking on a Masters in Public Health.

I have 2 essays, 3 art projects, and 3 journals all due the following week, and I’m starting to think I was crazy. 70% workload!

On the other hand, I’ve just got an Art History essay back with a high distinction. All my journals have been approved by the relevant tutors, and the art projects are part done and going well. My sinus infection is improving.

I can do this, I think.

Don’t talk to me, anyone, for 2 weeks, maybe 3.

I appreciate hearing from you

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