I have a tribe

How fortunate I am to be part of a tribe – I give and receive, I love and am loved, we are imperfect together but honest and there’s grace. I love my big extended family, and I’m deeply grateful for all the support through this exciting but challenging time where I’m flat out busy and too broke to function. Great things are afoot – not least of which is that – with so much help and support and love behind me – I can risk going so far beyond my own limits and reach for things so great and wonderful that would be far out of my own reach. We all stand on each other’s backs, all help each other fly.

I’m so happy to not be alone in the world any more. You, my friends, my family, my lover, people who send me a kind word or leave flowers at my door on bad days, people who just stayed during the hard years, or those who have turned things around for me with big generous bursts of time and effort – you are my world and I love each of you. Thank you for being part of my life.

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